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BUY. SELL. invest. restore. build.

Luxury Simplified is a one-of-a-kind company that brings together real estate, preservation, restoration, architecture, building & development, investment and concierge services all under one roof.

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Construction Guide: Platform & Balloon Frame Construction

Part II in our series "Construction Guide for Homebuyers" In residential and commercial construction, after the foundation of a building is constructed or poured, the next step is framing the structure.  Framing is the "fitting together of pieces to give a structure support and shape." 

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Real Estate

Real Estate in Charleston County: Property Reassessments & How to Appeal

By: Sebrina Leigh-Jones and guest contributor, Scott Barnes of Haynsworth, Sinkler, Boyd. We all have that person in our life - you know, the one we go to for advice or guidance about a challenging situation.  For me that "go-to" person is Scott Barnes, a Tax Attorney with Haynsworth, Sinkler, Boyd.  Now, I must warn…

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Property Investment - A Stable Alternative for Stock Market Chaos

We all read the news most days and if you could not sort the hype from fact, you'd think that doom and gloom prevails.  Bad news it appears would carry more traction than good.  This human trait is mostly responsible for the extreme volatility of the stock market over and above core corporate performance. Perception…

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Discover Charleston

Follow Your CURIOSITY when You're in Charleston's French Quarter

By Lisa Patterson, Realtor, Luxury Simplified Real Estate In my daily walks around Charleston, SC I always seem to discover something new.  Many times it's a garden or a fountain that I have walked by for months or years. Once I discover them, down a cobbled alleyway or tucked behind a gate, they often become…

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Explore LS

Behind our Doors at 95 Broad Street - The Things that We Are Thankful For

There’s something different about Thanksgiving than any other holiday. It’s a holiday that’s not centered around material gifts, balloons or flowers. It’s not about dressing up or religious beliefs. Rather, this holiday is one that, as Americans, we can all rally around. It’s a moment in the year where we can sit around a table…

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Gadsden House Documentary | Historic Restoration Project Charleston, SC